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Double Rooms
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to feel good
All our double rooms are bright, spacious and stylishly alpine furnished. Nevertheless, each room has its own individual style. Mostly with balcony, they give you even more closeness to nature.

Our popular double rooms are divided into three categories: Linkerskopf, Biberkopf and Trettach.
Trettach: Often it doesn't take much to be able to relax. The reasonably priced Trettach rooms are simply cozy. Parquet or laminate floors emphasize the natural style.
Linkerskopf: Not only will you walk on parquet, but you will also enjoy a south or west- facing balcony. All rooms are equipped with a shower or bathtub. These four units also present themselves with elements of pine wood and health-promoting clay plaster.
Biberkopf: The 2,599-meter-high (8,526-foot-high) Biberkopf is the namesake of this room category. Here, you will be mesmerized by gorgeous mountain views. The rooms have carpeted floors and are characterized by regional influences and opulence.

Heller freundlicher Schlafbereich im DZ Trettach
Schöner Schlafbereich im DZ Trettach
Großes Badezimmer im DZ Trettach
Granderwasser auf dem Zimmer
Helles Badezimmer im DZ Trettach
Heller freundlicher Schlafbereich im DZ Trettach

Trettach double room

Relaxation comes easy! The affordable Trettach rooms are characterized as uncomplicatedly coziness. Parquet or laminate floors bring out a natural style. Two of the five rooms have a west-facing balcony.

WLAN | Flat-TV | Telephone | Radio alarm clock | Safe | Hairdryer | Cosmetic mirror | complimentary bottle of Grander water| Bathrobe, slippers and sauna towels | Comfortable sitting area | Partly with balcony.

Wohnecke mit Schlafbereich im DZ Biberkopf
Helles freundliches Badezimmer im DZ Biberkopf
Gemütlicher Schlaf- und Wohnbereich im DZ Biberkopf
Room 116 Style
Zimmer 115 15
Zimmer 115 2

Biberkopf double room

Perfect for those who want more living space and comfort. All rooms are carpeted and are especially warm due to a lot of wooden furniture and soft elements. From the sunny balcony, you will enjoy an incredible view of the mountains.

WLAN | Flat-TV | Telephone | Radio alarm clock | Safe | Hairdryer | Cosmetic mirror | Grander water as a welcome gift | Bathrobe, slippers and sauna towels | Cozy sitting area | Balcony with mountain view.

Allgäuer Flair im DZ Linkerskopf
Badezimmer Linkerskopf
Blick ins DZ Linkerskopf
Gemütliches Bett im DZ Linkerskopf
Badezimmer - DZ Linkerskopf
Genießen Sie den Ausblick ins Stillachtal
Granderwasser auf dem Zimmer

Linkerskopf double room

The golden center: our serene and lovely furnished Linkerskopf double rooms come with parquet or laminate flooring and balconies with breathtaking views of the Allgäu mountain peaks.

WLAN | Flat-TV | Telephone | Radio alarm clock | Safe | Hairdryer | Cosmetic mirror | Grander water as welcome gift | Bathrobe, slippers and sauna towels | Comfortable sitting area | South or west-facing balcony with mountain view.

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Flexibility guarantee
More freedom
For all those who are already dreaming of their next vacation but want to remain flexible, we offer a flexibility guarantee!

With the flexibility guarantee you remain independent, spontaneous and protect yourself against cancellation fees of up to 80%. You have the possibility to change your vacation (without providing a reason) to a more favorable period within a 12-month period. Alternatively, you may wish to transfer your vacation freely to friends or relatives.

Book your vacation now - the flexibility guarantee will automatically be added to your shopping cart.

Booking conditions flexibility guarantee

1. By booking the flexibility guarantee at the price of €25 per person, you have the option of changing your reservation to another date within a 12-month period (no reason is required). If, by chance you cannot make it, you may hand over your reservation to another person. The flexibility guarantee is valid for a one-time rebooking or transfer of the vacation.

2. The flexibility guarantee can only be made at the original time of booking with our Hotel- Birgsau Alpengasthof GmbH (either online at our website: www.berggenuss-birgsau.de or by telephone). A subsequent addition of the flexibility guarantee is not possible.

3. When booking overnight stays or packages with flexibility guarantee, a deposit of 50% of the total price is due within 14 days of the reservation. The remaining amount will be paid at the hotel upon departure.

4. In case you choose to use the flexibility guarantee by rebooking at a later date, the deposit will not be refunded but retained by Birgsau Alpengasthof GmbH and offset against the total amount upon departure.

5. The Birgsau Alpengasthof GmbH commits itself to accepting all requested rebooking dates if possible. Excluded from rebooking are dates between or over Christmas and New Year's Eve as well as already fully-reserved periods in which no more rooms are available.

6. The guest is obliged to inform Birgsau Alpengasthof GmbH immediately about the intention of rebooking.

General booking conditions

General booking conditions for the hotel and restaurant industry (according to DEHOGA)

(1) The guest accommodation contract is concluded as soon as the room has been reserved (booked) and confirmed. Confirmation, both orally and in written form, is binding.

(2) The conclusion of the guest accommodation contract obligates the contractual partners to fulfill the contract regardless of its duration.

(3) The landlord is obliged to pay damages to the guest in case of non-provision of the room.

(4) Guests can cancel free of charge up to 14 days before arrival. In case of cancellation after this 14-day window, the guest will pay 80% of the total price. In case of non-arrival, the guest will be responsible to pay the total amount.

(5) The landlord is required, in good faith, to assign vacant rooms to other guests, if possible, in order to avoid losses.

(6) Until the room is rented to another party, the guest must pay the amount calculated in accordance with Section 4 for the duration of the contract.

(7) The exclusive place of jurisdiction is the place of operation.

We recommend taking out a travel cancellation insurance policy.


  • At the hotel we accept cash, Visa, Eurocard or EC cards as a method of payment.
  • Your room will be available from 15:00 (3:00 p.m.) on the day of arrival..
  • Check-in is possible until 20:00 (8:00 p.m.). In case of a later arrival, we ask for prior notification.
  • On the day of departure, we kindly ask you to vacate your room by 11:00 a.m.
  • Note: We do not participate in the program "Bergbahnen Inklusive" (cable car tickets).


Birgsau Alpengasthof GmbH
Martina Berktold-Thaumiller
Birgsau 9
87561 Oberstdorf
Tel. +49 8322 96900
Fax +49 8322 969060


In the heart of nature, 10 kilometers (6 miles) from the center of Oberstdorf, Germany's southernmost hotel promises you conscious mountain enjoyment. In front of a fairytale alpine backdrop , it is easy to draw new strength and appreciate life. You can expect comfortable rooms, a stylish spa oasis, excellent cuisine from local products and famous Allgäu hospitality. Or as we like to say: conscious enjoyment in the Birgsau.

More than just a place to work!

Would you like to bring your personality and skills to Berggenuss Birgsau? Are you passionate about your profession? Then set yourself new challenges and become an important part of our team. If you share our enthusiasm for the hotel and catering industry, apply now! We look forward to hearing from you.

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